Carbon fiber
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Carbon fiber has made it's way into modern day society and is being used on many more levels. The construction of Carbon fiber is made from a process involving PAN, acrylonitrile (AN). The conversion of PAN to carbon fibers goes through 4 steps to get the final Carbon Fiber product. The Four steps include Oxidation, Carbonisation(Graphitisation), Surface treatment, & Sizing. Through the oxidation process the white polymer will change colors from white to brown and eventually the black color. Through the Carbonisation the material is heated and the fibers become almost 100% carbon. After this step the surface treatment forms small chemical bonds to the surface allowing a better cohesion of the composite material.In the final step the material is usually coated with an Epoxy material to protect the material from any further processing. Once the final product is produced the material has been fitted into many fields that need a strong composite material that will hold not only strong force but will eliminate overall mass. Many new uses for carbon fiber have made it into the automotive, sporting and space sectors. Carbon fiber remains a great option to those who want to have style and comfort on their side. Our carbon fiber rings and jewelry offer these attributes and are made with the highest quality

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